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Hidden Secrets of Real Health (page 86)
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How does the Wealth Egg work?

Cultivating Wealth Energy

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What people say about the Wealth Egg and Angel:

"I've had real good experiences with the Wealth Egg (for instance, November royalties of my cd's went skyhigh, a record!), so I'd like to order another one for someone who is going through some heavy financial karmas right now."
DdR writer, France

"I've had my own Wealth Egg for two weeks now and have doubled my client bookings in that time. My friends who bought a Wealth Angel won the lottery within the first few days - not a life-changing amount but nonetheless the money flow was changing direction....more than anything I can feel my attitude to money shifting in a really positive way."
NW, Brighton, UK

"As soon as I ordered the Wealth Egg things started to change in my life; money came through the door and I started getting lots of ideas about how to make money."

"Loving the Wealth Angel. I'm still totally broke but everything I need seems to manifest at the charity shop, a bike, a bread bin, clothes for work, birthday presents for people etc and the manager will take little for it.... Does it stop you minding about lack of financial wealth too? I'm certainly feeling that way inclined."
TW, Bristol, UK

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The Living With Energy Awareness Training

How do you decide what to do next, today, tomorrow, next year?   Go on what you feel, what you're told, what you read, what your friend advised, logic it out, weigh up the pros and cons . . . ?

There's a powerful faculty we all have, which is very undeveloped, that can tremendously enhance the wisdom and clarity of your decision-making.

Learn to combine your energy wisdom with all the usual ways you make decisions and watch your life transform from being repetitions of the same old situations, problems and experiences, to a steadily  developing life of higher energy, higher-quality experiences, relationships and opportunities.

 Develop your own energy awareness and discover the powerful and magical world of energy that underlies all our abilities, life experiences, relationships, successes and failures. 

Why wait until a problem 'ripens' in your life. Start working at the energy level in a practical and grounded way and see the difference it can make to your life.


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Wealth  Eggs and angels 

Feeling poor, or would just like more wealth? Always seem to be paying out more than comes in? Love your job, but it doesn't pay enough? Want your work to feed your soul as well as pay the bills?  Read on!

We're delighted to announce the launch of the latest additions to the unique Energy Egg family of life ki generators.

The Wealth Egg, the Wealth Angel
and the Wealth Archangel are, along with the Loving Relationships Egg , our most recent  developments of the hugely successful Energy Egg personal environmental stress eliminator.

The original Energy Egg Environmental Stress Eliminator is now being used by thousands of people worldwide as its reputation as the most effective energy protection and cultivation instrument steadily grows. And now these same principles are being used to develop Energy Eggs (ki cultivators) for many other areas of your life. We've been working on the new Eggs for several years to ensure that they do what we pride ourselves on -  namely that they only do what they're designed to do, have no side-effects and don't emit any stresses of their own. (For more on why we consider these qualities so important click here)

Wealth Angel

"Less than two hours after receiving the Wealth Egg, and after less than two hours of door-knocking, I discovered exactly the type of job I had been searching for - to the exact specifications and hours, etc. And they insisted I start right that very second!"

Anson Friend,  Melbourne, Australia


What does a Wealth Egg do for me?

Even though we all know of  ways of increasing the wealth in our lives - learn a better-paid skill, work more, get a higher-paying job and so on - another, more fundamental and more powerful, way of changing any area of your life for the better is to directly cultivate the form of energy or ki upon which it depends. In other words, if you desire more wealth, increase the flow of "wealth energy" throughout your body.

"Since having the Wealth Angel I've won £50 on the Premium Bonds after
winning nothing for many many years. And also, when my mother moves to the nursing home, the social worker has arranged that this time I don't have to make any financial contribution, whereas previously my personal financial contribution towards her care in the residential home was substantial."
Stephen W, Shropshire

Many people have similar knowledge and skills,  yet some of them make much more money than others. It’s often put down to “luck,” a greater interest in making money, a more-winning personality or any other common explanation for someone’s greater financial success. But another way of looking at it is that all such reasons for greater wealth in a person’s life reflect the presence of more of an energy called wealth ki in their body.

In fact every ability you possess reflects the flow of a certain form of life energy or ki through your body. So “luck,” financial acumen or a wealth-attracting personality or appearance all actually result from how much wealth ki you have in each area of your body. And the good news is: you can cultivate  increased wealth ki . . . which is exactly what a Wealth Egg does.

If you're interested in how it does this click here

“I have to tell you about my experience with the Wealth Egg yesterday at a flea market - it was remarkable! Every negotiation I had went my way with such ease . . . I got everything at the price I wanted - a first! Someone wanted a tenner for a (very nice) chair, I said 'how about a fiver' and he said 'done!' just like that - no negotiation required!; It kept happening like that. I’ve never found bargaining so easy!”
Thea W, France

the wealth Angels for more wealth ki in your home or office
Wealth Angel and Archangel Wealth Angels and Archangels are an ideal addition to offices, shops, restaurants, practices or any environment where money is being made. It has the same wealth-enhancing effects on everyone in the space as if they had their own personal Wealth Egg - and more!

Just like the Guardian Angel Environmental Stress Eliminator
the Wealth Angel (1.5kgs) and Archangel (6 kgs) include an advanced mana field ( that amplifies the wealth-enhancing effects of  personal Wealth Eggs.  A maximum of 12 Wealth Eggs can be connected to them. So when someone who owns the Wealth Egg leaves the field of the Wealth Angel they still benefit from all the additional power of the Wealth Angel wherever they are.

Feed Your Spirit Whilst You Create More Wealth

Unlike most ways of creating wealth in your life, Wealth Angels also cause positive energy shifts in you over time that result in opportunities for you to cultivate your wealth through an occupation that feeds your consciousness rather than dragging your energy down.

Wealth Angels and Archangels steadily develop an advancing flow of wealth ki from the centre of the forehead of each Wealth Egg owner within their energy field. When wealth ki advances from your forehead in this way, you attract more and more wealth-generating opportunities into your life.

It may be hard to understand that the nature of your energy directly affects what happens in your life. But consider how the effect of what you say and how you say it varies dramatically depending on your listener. Similarly, you can think of your energy as another "voice" that is constantly influencing the world around you. How your energy speaks to the world directly affects how the world responds to you.

Wealth Angel or Archangel strengthens your "energy voice" in a way that affects how the world responds to you with respect to your wealth. This is a developmental process over time. Just as you need to save up your money, you also need to grow your wealth ki. When this energy is strong enough it produces a return that benefits your wealth in one or more ways.

. . Everything's gone crazy business-wise here since we got our Wealth Angel. I worked for 14 years promoting our magnetic fuel saving products and in all those years my biggest order was for 120 units . . . after three days' meetings I landed a trial order for 1000 units! I cannot believe the incredible effect the Wealth Angel has had on everything since it arrived in the office last week! Please send us two more”

Peter Aldred, CEO Ethos

The Wealth Egg energy cultivation process starts the same way for everyone - gently nudging you to make choices that lead to greater wealth while preventing or correcting imbalances in your life that obstruct a balanced relationship with wealth in the future.  We all tend to develop "wealth karmas" - circumstances or behaviour patterns that either damage our wealth or cause problems because of our relationship with wealth. Some people can even become "poverty conscious" - unwittingly making themselves unable to manage their bills - while others end up living for making money, which is another kind of poverty . . .

Through sustained use of a Wealth Egg, your wealth ki will steadily increase in different ways according to your personal needs for more wealth - often creating a new relationship between you and your money. So the process of cultivating your wealth ki isn't just about what you gain; it's also about
wisely managing what you have and having a stress-free relationship with money rather than it being a cause of trouble and strife.

So, as you can see, there's much more to cultivating your wealth ki than just increasing your wealth. There is, after all, not much point in having more money if this just leads to new reasons for being unhappy . . . a not uncommon experience for many people.

A Wealth Egg with a
Wealth Angel or Archangel is the most powerful way to directly cultivate your wealth ki in a balanced way.  Once your wealth energy becomes strong enough, you will start experiencing the many ways these unique devices can benefit you.

" . . . we've had our Wealth Angel now for about three months . . . and last weekend we won £450 from the lottery. It has more than paid for itself already!”

Linda H, Brighton

The wealth Egg Transmitter
energy egg transmitter

The Wealth Egg must be kept within 5mm of your body (eg. in a pocket or pouch). However, you can also keep your 
Wealth Egg on the revolutionary quartz crystal Energy Egg Transmitter which connects your Wealth Egg to you no matter where you are. So, if you find it inconvenient to carry around or are forgetful, you can keep your Wealth Egg at home on an Energy Egg Transmitter and be assured that you are continuing to cultivate your wealth ki no matter where you are. This is ideal for when you’re:

● Sleeping                        ● Swimming

● Travelling                      ● Wearing clothes without pockets

How to purchase your wealth Egg & Transmitter

The Wealth Egg lasts a lifetime and costs just  £29.95(1) - £24.95 each if ordering 4 or more(1)

The Wealth Egg Transmitter costs £15.95(1)   

The Wealth Egg & Transmitter costs £44.45(1)
( When purchased at the same time as a Wealth Egg, the Transmitter price is reduced to £14.50)

The Wealth Angel  (including base) costs £247 (1)

The Wealth Archangel  (including base) costs £487 (1)

Please ask for wholesale prices - for eight or more Wealth Eggs  - and details of our associate program.

For further information contact Energize Your Life on:  
+44 (0)207 193 7614
or email: carol@energyawareness.org
The energetic effects of Wealth Eggs are demonstrated at Energy Awareness Trainings

We are so confident you will experience benefits from the Wealth Egg, we offer a 12-month money-back guarantee(1)

(1)a wealth egg is fully guaranteed

As for all Energy Eggs and Angels, the Wealth Egg, Wealth Angel and Wealth Archangel - larger, more powerful, Wealth Eggs that develop the wealth ki of everyone in a home or office - include a 12-month  money-back guarantee(1) so there’s NO RISK for you at all.

Apart from the fact that the unusual efficacy of our products enables us to offer this kind of warranty, it also gives you enough time to experience the benefits of a Wealth Egg, Angel or Archangel without worrying about whether it will work for you.

(1) See the Energize Your Life online store for details

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